Color matching your eyes

Some have said our eyes are the window to our soul. In makeup we say our eyes are the point of focus in makeup design. Eye makeup accentuates, contours and allows the eyes to stand out. Depending on your eye color there are specific colors that will enhance your eyes.

Blue eyed beauties

Orange on the color wheel is a complementary color to blue.  Because orange contains elements of yellow and red, makeup shadow with these colors will enhance the blue in your eyes. So you want to choose gold, warm orange-browns like peach and copper, red-browns like mauves and plum, and neutrals like taupe or camel. These are the best colors to complement your gorgeous blue eyes.

Green eyed goddesses

Red is a complementary color to green on the color wheel. We obviously don’t want to put red eye shadow on our eyes as they will look blood shoot and tired. You do however want to choose colors that are brown–based reds or other colors close to red on the color wheel. Colors like cooper, rust and violet.

Brown eyed girls

Let your colors run wild with this eye color. Because brown is a neutral color your eyes become a palate for any eye shadow.